The importance of National Patent Information User Groups

The importance of National Patent Information User Groups

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Patent Information User Groups have been active in Europe for many years. The oldest and still biggest national user group can be found in the Netherlands (WON) founded in 1977 and the youngest one (a German user group called PING) is going to be formed during the Patinfo 2016 in Ilmenau.


Over the last couple of years, the national user groups worked together on a European level, where the knowledge and experiences of these groups could be shared and selected projects can be done together.  For this reason the Confederacy of European Patent Information User Groups (CEPIUG) was created and officially founded on March 6th, 2008 in Sevilla (Spain) during the International Patent Information Conference and Exposition (IPI-ConfEx 2008).


Due to the growing importance of patent information and the growing number of patent publications, the profession of Patent Information Specialists is evolving rapidly.  This leads to higher requirements for professional patent information specialists and a need for improving their skills and competencies. Vibrant professional organizations provide one important way of improving skills and competencies. For further improving skills and competencies, the national user groups are collaborating and working together on a certification scheme. The most recent status can be found on the certification website.


These national user groups are dealing with all patent information related matters and stay in close contact with the national patent offices and the providers.

The national user groups provide a place for open discussion, unprejudiced and free from any influence by commercial providers of patent information.

Next to this they are an excellent platform for exchanging information and creating a network within (or even outside) their own country.

Membership of a national user group is open for everyone who is dealing with patent information, by performing patent searches, and seems to be mandatory.

The national user groups and current members of the CEPIUG can be found on the CEPIUG website.


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Aalt van de Kuilen

Senior Patent Information Specialist in the field of Life Sciences and Chemistry. Read more about the background and expertise of Aalt van de Kuilen.