Patent Alerting

Before starting research in a specific domain it is necessary to have an overview of the competition and the IP-position of competitors. Patent Information Services can provide extensive company profiles and patent landscapes.

Patent landscape research requires a accurate view into the technical area as well as skills to translate the request into reliable search. A proper landscape in a specific domain is based on a good set of patent publications.

Intellectual property portfolios (IP portfolios) of specific companies can be searched separately. Due to a very common practice of mergers and acquisitions it is most the necessary to get a view on the story of companies. This needs all to be taken in account before a good IP-profile can be made.

After creating a landscape, it is needed to set-up an alert to watch the competitors’ activity over time. These profiles can be easily set-up and delivered on a regular base (like weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc.).

For creating reliable patent landscape we make use of expert tools like Patbase (provided by Minesoft) and World Patent Index (provided by Thomson Scientific) as well as more complex tools like KMX (provided by Treparel).

Patent Information Services can provide Patent alerts, company profiles, technology overviews, state of the art overviews and Patent landscapes based on the needs of the client.

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